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#vampire community

Recent Entries

3/9/11 07:16 pm - fruitcake - Hi!

Who has contact details for:


anyone else?

1/21/07 09:45 am - asrai_d

God Hates Goths merchandise

Thanks to rachel for the link.

9/21/06 12:23 pm - structx - Ahoy there!

look, i promised xennie to create a new vampcom website to put on her domain http://www.vampcom.net/
but it looks like I don't have the time, and won't be getting much more later as well...

i'm going to be a daddy :-)

anyone else fancy doing a website ?

9/18/06 12:00 pm - fruitcake - oi lads!

where did everybody go?????

2/16/06 01:09 am - structx - style?

dunno why, but i've changed the style of this LJ :)

if anyone got any suggestions, let me know...

1/29/06 10:46 am - asrai_d - Whooo

It's still here ... freakkyyyy. ofc the chan is deadish most days. but life goes on ...

8/14/05 12:56 am - structx

so, i've brought the olde website back, it's now (temporary?) at http://www35.websamba.com/vampcom/
www.vampcom.net.tf will also still work, but that will show ads.

i've updated quite some pages to reflect recent (and not so recent) developments

thanks screwface for bringing me back :)

10/1/04 12:52 pm - structx - #vampire on SorceryNet

well, good olde Screwface (aka drflup) made us an alternative #vampire channel on SorceryNet, several servers in europe and usa are available

9/8/04 02:03 am - structx

as you all know i hardly ever use lj anymore, so i obviously did not see all the activity in here *grin* (at Dr.Flup: i missed your post, right)
recently i reinstalled an irc client again, no longer the old bersirc, but now mirc, with invision script even :-)
as i was on irc, i tried to access #vampire but it was keyed. anyone?
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